Hello blog and hello summer time :)

Im back on the blog. Did you miss me ?

Ive actually really missed blogin’ & also having the time to read all my fav blogs aswell
The truth is I have been very busy with life and chasing my dreams and all of that…  We gotta work hard for both our duniya & aakhira , right?
I have this blog dilemma that I want to tell you about;
First of all I love blogging  and I have been blogging or writting journals on the internet ever since I was like 16 or 15, its a great way of sharing your life , your stories and thoughts with people
BUT its also really bad (its has many consequences)  to share too much info about your life here on the internet.
Back in the day when I as a youngster I used to blog about everything that was going on in my life ,,,, all from boring day to day living, memories , emotions , dreams & hopes etc . Me and my two best friends used to read eacher blogs almost everyday and so on .. It was very fun until *unwanted people* started to reading it aswell looooooooooool
Anyhow back to the dilemma
1) I want to blog openly like I do right now and having many readers , as I try reaching people who have the same views as me on the world etc ..  I like having a wide audience, but this means I can only blog
but I want also too 
2) Blog about my private life alot things that are happing withour restriction!!
So to solve this little dilemma of mine ,,, Im going to create a private blog too inshaAllah in the future 🙂
Summer 2014 here is but not much for a summer holiday for me 😦   got to many things to do . And to be honest  here is not much summer to enjoy here in Europé anywayz , its way too short . My dream is to move somewhere that has a warm climate all year around , inshaAllah 😀








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