Happy 50th birthday Michelle Obama.

I’ve always seen her as an amazing woman for some reason, its mainly because she is the first black lady of America.  Michelle Obama is  an interesting character and personality much more interesting than her husband.

In election campaigns and in interviews always talks about her family background especially how her father you used to work a full-time job even tho he was very sick and suffering from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) just so that she and her bother should afford to stay in school . Too bad he died before  he could see that his daughter had become the first lady of USA.  And not forget about her great grandparents and ancestry that is traced back to the slavery in the south states.

She has a doctors degree from Harvad Law School and is not just famous for being Obama’s wife .. She is an role model for many women and an icon.

I think both she and Obama are the true definition of the “american dream” meaning that anybody can achieve /become whatever they want as long as they work hard for it.

I really hope I look as good as her when Im 50 years old 🙂  . I say Happy b-day Michelle Obama


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