Hello December

Heelllooo, glad to see I still have people coming to blog even tho I dont update anymore,  its  mainly readers from Sweden and  yessss  I  check the countries on blog statistics.
I cant believe today is already the 1st of december, this year have gone by so fast.
Alhamdulilah 2013 have been a really good year for me …   In january I got a new job or should I say new employer and I really  got to  test my limits in my profession as a RN.  Ive been jumping from one opportunity to another this year.
Now Im at beginning of a new chapter in my life and eveythings feels great ( and NO im not getting married or getting pregnant & stuff like  lool) ,  I can’t write everything on the blog right but hey time will reveal everything after all 

Started from the bottom and now Im here ( I dont even listen to Drake ) haha 😀


2 Replies to “Hello December”

  1. Och jag läser din blogg ända här ifrån Thailand! Du borde uppdatera mera. Din blogg ger en sån skön känsla, vet inte hur jag ska förklara haha 🙂 /Much love Roaa Hamsis

    1. Åh tack kära Roaa för kommentaren 😀 Thailand låter underbart vill också ditt … Har ej mkt tid att plugga heheh men men ska försöka … Muc love tebax ❤

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