story of my life

Im just going to check the internet for a little while





Yeah I  better log out now before its too late ..


Grey’s Anatomy

They make medicine look so easy lol

I remember watching the first season ( the only season I’ve watched I think ) and thinking oh I want to be just like them 😀

But since every since I started working as RN in hospitals I lost my love of watching hospital series such as Greys Anatomy etc …  Im mean if you are work at a factory you dont want to come home n watch tv shows about working at a factory haha

Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan: residents of Tacloban city

Typhoon hits Tacloban: Survivors walk past a ship on top of damaged homes after it was washed asho


Yet another natural disaster strike again to reminds us the power of nature.


This time in the Philippines leaving thousands of dead & missing victims. The survivors are left homeless , this deadly typhoon/storm have affected over 4.3 million people  and I just hope aid & help to the survivors get there in time 😦


Ive noticed that most of these typhoons or tsunamies happens in the Indian Ocean ( cursed oceans hmmms ) even tho their most deadly “powers” occur around the costal areas of the  Asian countries some of waves hit also Somalia . Even typhoon Haiyan had hit Somalia around the costal areas of Puntland , the somali news were showing pictures of destroyed houses etc.




We take so much for granted and we never know when things like these can happen to us 😦  SubhanAllah

Time is precious

Im in a stage at my life where I feel like I can’t afford wasting time like I used.

I bought a big calander two weeks ago which has come to a good use for me now 🙂

Ive got so much going on that I even feel gulity for sitting here right now blogin’ 😦

Hey the road to succesful isnt easy after all.  

So alhamdulilah for all that I have been given in life and inshallah I will work hard for that  I want to achive


När du jobbar på Landstinget !

Hittade denna tumblr blogg via facebook  . För rolig  och ALLA som jobbar / jobbat på landstinget can totally relare to this 🙂

En gång i tiden (faktiskt inte så länge sen) var man själv en nyexaminerad sjuksköterska som var överlycklig över sin första anställning som leg. sjuksköterska på landstinget .. Numera är jag en självsäker bemannings-sjuksköterska som har mer “kött på benen” efter ha jobbat runt på olika ställen and I LOVE IT 😀

Någonstans måste man ju börja i sin “karriär” but its going to take a loooooooooooooong time innan jag söker mej tillbaks till landstinget.

Dock älskar jag mitt jobb och att jobba på medicin avdelningar framförallt med stroke patienter eftersom det är de jag mest jobbat med 🙂

Bilden i detta inlägg var bland de första jag tog på mig själv wearing the scrubs lol

Without computer and internet IM NOTHING

I almost had an emotional break down earlier when my laptop was acting weird and I couldnt use the internet cable . i was struggling forever

and then I managed to do some system recovery thing on the whole computer  , plus removed all my pics and files save them on a usb


But alhamdulilah it all working fine now and I havent lost any of my important computer programs ( like many microsoft software )



Its so scary how we have to depend on the internet without we dont excist or we cant managed to do things that are so important in our everyday life