Goverment shutdown USA

Just a couple of weeks ago they were planning on sending 1000 of missiles to Syria and now they can’t pay all federal goverment employees their salaries.

So basically all federal goverment works are closed downed except for air-traffic , hospitals and the  post !!

All this because the american congress ( mostly republicans ) refused to agree on making the law of giving all citizens free/cheaper health care aka ObamaCare.

Hmmmms maybe if they stop engaging in wars all the time they would have some money over for free health care for all the people …

What worried me is that whenever USA is in an economical crisis it always effects the rest of the worlds or should I say world banks , oohhh nooo my hard earned moneey it better not be effected by this nonsense !!!


But I feel sorry for friends and family in America who are directly effected by these shutdowns tho


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