My thoughs and prayers goes to Nairobi <3

I was very shocked to hear about the news of the al-shabab attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi 😦  . Im sad of the fact that so many  humans lost their lives like this, its absolutely very tragic, rip.

I’m angry of these lunatics & criminals so called “Al-shabab” using the name of Islam to kill people in this manner.

What makes me even more angry  is that I know what the consequences will be for the somali people living in Nairobi whenever Al-shabab pull these kinds of stunts. The kenyan police will do raids & mass arrests and in the end innocent somalis will suffer for these cowardly attacks.

Ive been to Nairobi and I have friends & family there and it hurts to hear such news.

When will there be an end of this madness

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