RIP Corey :'(

For those of you who have followe me on my blog for years know very well Im a die hard GLEE fan !!

Already when I saw the first episode back in  2009 I was hooked ,,,,it became yet another one  of my favorite TV-shows.

I’ve watched every episode, followed the starring actors on twitter/instagram, read about the lates glee new on various celebrity websites ….

So I became really shocked waking up one morning to the news that Cory Monteith died.  My first thought was how tragic , so young 😦  , my second thought was *oh noo, no more glee* and my third  though was poor Lea Michele 😦

Last sunday it was the teen choice awards and for the first time we got to see Lea Michele making a publice statement about her deceased boyfriend and co-star … Very emotional , and just what we fans needed to hear.

She still wear the necklace of his name 😦

Glee will never be the same without Cory Monteith it will be interessting to see what they do with the character Finn Hudson on the TV-show now for season 5

All us gleeks out there will always remember Cory just the way Lea described him on this speech





Okey I think I’ll have to  will stop here I can go on forever  ……

We glee fans will miss Cory on glee thats for sure

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