Pray for Egypt, as a matter of fact pray for all people in difficulties

Its very heartbreaking to turn on the Tv and watch whats going on in Egypt now and across everywhere basically ( such as the war in Syria )   !! 😦

I dont understand how the world can support the overthrowing of the democratically elected president & thow him in jail =/    and on top of that killing all his supporters ? How is this possible

President Mursi have won the hearts of many muslim people across the world giving up that islam can be influential in ruling of todays modern times. I think many people forget that in fact the muslim brotherhood are very “westernized” and consist of good and high educated people who have post in all categories of society …. Dont always beleve what you hear on the media I tell ya

Im sad about the attack that happend today in a mosque in Cairo how the army killed so many people in a house of worship, very disburing scences

Praying that Allah swt make it easy for the people of Egypt and elsewhere


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