A Polarised Society – It all turned into flames

The past week of violence and car burnings have left us all shocked and wondering how things went so far?!! It all started in Stockholm’s suburbs but after a couple of days the car burnings and drama came to many other cities including my city and my neighbourhood / my street  😦

Apparently it all started with the police shooting a 69 year old man to death in Stockholm, along side with a growing number of young people ( of mostly immigrants and descents of immigrants ) whom already feel vicctimized by the police and excluded from society (unemployment, rents becoming more expensive etc) so basically the whole scenario escalated into violence!!!

Violence such has burning up cars, smashing windows on buildings and throwing stones at police and fire fighters !!   Which is sooo WRONG and idiotic !!   Will burning cars solve all problems ?? NOOOO it only makes things worse!!

Then news came that  the police that came to stop the riots were throwing out racial slurs from the mouths calling the rioters *monkies* and *niggers*  .. Hmmmmmm   Like that will make them respect the police ??  Nooo I dont think so

And lets not forget the groups of neo-nazis pretending to be helping out the secuirty situation while beating up innocent immigrants (from what Ive heard youngsters n women)

Basically its all just a terrible mixture of destruction and agony……. and I will be peronally affected by it sooner or later, if things continue like this 😦   Maybe I should start  my plan to migrate to  somewhere  warm and nice  (which isnt poverty-stricken / overpopulated or has a war going on) like lets say HAWAII 😀  I hope they hire medical nurses over there too .lol

Eh I think Im going to stop writting about this right now cuz it only makes me feel depressed … I hope things turn out good from all of this madness…. because deep down I really love Sweden as a country and its people too … heck its been my temporary home for over 20 years 🙂

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