I’m a believer

I believe in God , I believe in myself   and I believe in the good of humanity ( even tho its so freakin’ hard somtimes )

I like to think of myself as a person with great optimism,  it has alot to do with my belief / my religion  and the way I was raised !!! I always believe that things will be okey and it has always been like that in my past, present and hopefully it will stay like that in my future inshallah 🙂

Situations in life that I feel cant comprehend I leave it up to God, since Ive done what I can  ,,, a human can only bear so much you know !!!

Ive seen so many people go crazy or even gone has far as hurting themselves  because of lack belief , sometimes the smallest life crisis become unbearable then  =/

Thank God Im a believer 🙂   I think its the last thing that will leave me before death


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