Our ancestors hahah


Mental Patients of Africa

These photos are taken by  Robin Hammond who is  a photojournalist and
who has worked on human rights
issues focusing on East Africa








These images makes me so sad .. there is so much ignorance when comes to mentally ill patients 😦 … As a nurse who has worked with / studied the mentally ill I think there is a long way to go before we can achive the best possible care for them … It takes alot of money and even more important KNOWLEDGE !! Many in Africa think its *witchcraf* or that people have become *possessed by the devil* ughh … They often forget the main reasons why people break down mentally  !!   Anyway we have a long way to go

Back to the kitchen – I love food making

This an old picture I found lol at a friends house two years ago !!!


Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy cooking food and also baking !! I dont have time for it .. Its my mother who is the queen of the kitchen at home

but time to time I bake

Oh I miss cooking food .. I get so inspired by all these TV shows about food 😀

I would like to prepare dinner for a lager group of people,,   possibly for a small celebration or something

Anywayz here are some food pictures from tumblr …. some lovely dishes I would like to make



A lovely monday with one of my favourite friend

Its good to come away from all the stress and just hang out with a good friend .. laugh and just enjoy life … Miss K I want to thank U for a nice monday …it will forever be a good memory




Most delicious pizza I have eaten In a looooong time .mmmm

The little park with a lake


Miss K’s lovely flower plants 😀 its never a home if U dont have living flowers or plants lol


A slice of cake at a nice café


And then it was time for Miss A to go home with the train 😀 loolz