Äntligen är våren här. !!!

lite sol som värmer en åh så skönt. bilden tagen för några timmar när jag på väg till några vänner för att äta middag 🙂




Hey ya


Hello there !!! Assalamu Aleykum

Yesterday I tested my webcamera again  …. the quality is horrible lool ..but hey its a picture of me

Today was one of those wasted days ( like soo many other days ) I havent done much  … well I did go to the food store earlier !  I need to get my *groove* back and start doing the things Ive planned to do.

So much ambition Ive got but so little motivation …    I need to get the motivation to start rolling again 🙂

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahiim

In the Name of Allah   The most Gracious and The most Merciful 🙂

I remember when my mother used to send letters to her brothers in Africa in the 199os, she always used to write Bismillahi Rahmani Rahiim at the beginning on the top of the letter  .. It was so beautiful ,,, I love her handwritting skills …. Its sad people dont send handwritten letters anymore via post 😦  .. Ive even found some letters she recieved and they were also beautifully written with Bismillahi Rahmani Rahiim at the start ….

I would love to receive a beautifully written letter from the post loool ……. Todays generations handwritting skillz are horrible hahaha thanks to the domination of computers 😦