Movies Ive seen online over the past time

Love and basketball 10/10Great movie.. Its about two neighbours,  a boy and a girl who grow up together and share the same love for the sport of basketball and each other. Alot of things happen …But at the end there is a happy ending with these two. Basically this movie is an inspirational movie I think ..its about never giving up on the things you love the most. Plus U get to see a young Tyra Banks lool her acting was funny haha

Shutter Island 10/10Its one of those mind blowing films and the star of the movie is Leonardo Dicapro so cant really complain lol.  Shutter Island is a psychiatric ward 1950s USA for the most dangerous prisoners (patients).. Throughout the time you get to see the psychological manipulation of the main character of the movie .. I recommend you all to see this film or read the book.  I myself as nurse who work with people who are  mentally ill or should I say have  psychological diseases such as schizofrenia etc, this movie gave me a great insight of how it could be for the person with mental illness and what can trigger it.

Precious 8/10 –  Harlem , New York in the 1980s … Precious Jones in an obese girl who lives with her abusive parents and her dad makes her pregnant twice… She gets called stupid and ugly daily by her mother…. But she manages to break free from all of the abuse with the help of the “special” school for girls like her , she is sent there so she can read & write better.. In that school she get friends and a teacher who cares about her and helps her…. Its a bitter sweet ending too 😦  I cant say more. U have to see it.

One day 4/10Im  easily deceived for romantic movies thats why I decided to watch this movie a while ago when I was home sick from work. Its was very boring most of the time and the guy was an idiot,,, in the end he realise that he always loved her and that its when she finally got another man….. Anyhow they get each other ..But the end one of them dies …. sad ending.

The illutionist 5/10  A young magician gets his childhood sweetheart who is from aristocrat / rich family in Vienna.. She is about to marry the evil crown prince of the country …. He manages to get her and pull a big mind trick on the whole city ….. Its okay movie to watch.


One Reply to “Movies Ive seen online over the past time”

  1. funderade på att se precious ett tag men den verkar så läskig… ska endå ladda ned den en gång för alla. men en fil du bara måste se är : we need to talk about kevin , den går å se online.. googla på swefilmer. 🙂

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