Poem of the mujahid

I sit here, O Allah, reading the news of the Muslim Nation,

It seems as if Your slaves are on permanent vacation,

For we O Allah, are not fulfilling our obligation,

With all this anger, sadness and frustration,

How did we ever reach to this stage of humiliation?

How did we ever become so low and astray?

Our children are killed everyday,

Indeed the Ummah we did betray,

In it’s time of humiliation and need,

We left Your command O Allah and did not take heed,

And now slowly slowly, this Ummah I see it rotting like decay

I have woken up to the reality, O Allah, that Jihad is the only way.


Written by Ammatur-Rahman bint Mujahid


What a beautiful poem I had to share it here  …! I feel like is so real to in these times of hardship


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