Wannabe fashionista in da kitchen

I was looking through pictures from this summer on my phone and found this one 😀 I did alot of shopping this summer ..and most of the cloths I didnt even get a chance to wear it because of the rain and bad weather:(   Oh well the summer is gone and the sad part is that we never even had a summer this year..

I have written alot of blog entries but I havent published them ,,, I have only saved them as drafts or deleted them …. ,, I wanted to post my thoughts on the anti-islamic video mocking our Prophet (saw) ,, the two swedish journalist Martin and Johan that was released from ethiopian prison ,, the election in America .. etc etc I will try blog it out lol 😀

Anyhow life is boring right now with only work and no play 😦 … Inshallah I will try to write more here and not let my blog die..

but there is no denying that I love to blog 😀 Ive done it since 2006 .lol