In bed reading a book

I went to the library last week and took a loan of english books. I just love reading , okey thats a lie lol. But I feelt like a had to start reading again and not just only watch series n movies all the time 🙂 . Samira and Samir is the name of the book Im reading now!



4 thoughts on “In bed reading a book

  1. omg.. that book is sooooooooooooo great. When you’re done with it, i suggest you to read God only weeps in afghanistan, she has also written samir and samira, siba shakib ❤ Can't wait til she comes with another book, these two are books i will never forget, simply beautiful. God only weeps in afghanistan is also better, but samir and samira is indeed worth reading, its so realistic and aww… now i want to read it again !! hehe

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