Srebrenica massacre – 17 years later.

My condolences goes to all my bosnian muslim brothers and sister out there today ….. May Allah grant the martyrs of Srebrenica jannat fardow inshallah


Everytime a genocide happens and I hear about it  I ask myself;  how could the rest of the world let this happen?? … where was the UN?? …. are humans just born evil ?


We all want to change the world ,, we all have hopes for world peace …… Yet nobody wants to do anything about it ….

I remember that Kony-2012 video that got so viral on the internet , wouldnt it be great if something like that in future could actually stop on going conflicts and genocides… Lets hope the future generations does a better job then the old ones


All we can do is pray for better times to come….


Dont forget otherwise history will re-write it self






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