My Summer Sale Shopping – throu Instagram

So yesterday I got so bored just staying at home …….I took the bus down town before they closed and went on a little shoppig spree 😀     After all it was summer sale in most of the stores so I took the chance to bargain .

I have to say that  I love going out for myself down town … to shop and maybe sit in a café for a while … I love my friends and going with them too ..But sometimes I just like to  hang out with myself … eehmm .. forever alone ?? 😀 haha  ..

Came home with these bags and a couple bucks poorer

Very beautifully  printed dress from H&M 😀 . Im inlove with it …….

pink and white dotted box ..perfect for storage of all my important papers ,, like school degrees , diplomas & other documents.

My new necklace … a good luck charm 😀

A big and beautiful towel made by Organic (ecological) cotton 😀 … I sometimes tend to support organic/ecological products , both when I buy food and when I buy clothings .. Lets save the world .go


Thats it, end of story  …. I guess these are early birthday gifts for myself …… Im turning 24 next week inshallah 😀  …  But I still feel like 16 year old .LOL … its crazy how  time flies by so fast

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