Im going through so much crap these days

Working is stressing me out ,,,,, and alot of people are annoying me lately too .. Ugh … I feel like things are slipping through my hands .. like a soap…..

I cant even achieve simple things anymore … I dont know what happend to me .. but i need to get my *groove* back .. and thats soon



I feelt like I had to let it out somewhere


now Im off to sleep


Norway. Oslo . Utøya Massacre – One year later

Time flies .. I cant belive its been already a whole year!!!!   I remember it like it was yesterday ………. The speculations who/which people was behind the bombing …. and first everybody thought it was *islamist* lol ………………… and then the news tells us about a man in police uniform shooting people in the island of Utøya  !


I had mixed feelings … I was so SHOCKED that anything like this could happen so close ….and I was both angry and sad that some humans could be so evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could sit here and write all day what I think about what happend last year,

what I think about the situation in Europe and the growing racism … But I wont ….


I give my condolence to the people of Norway and those families who have lost their loved ones !!!

In bed reading a book

I went to the library last week and took a loan of english books. I just love reading , okey thats a lie lol. But I feelt like a had to start reading again and not just only watch series n movies all the time 🙂 . Samira and Samir is the name of the book Im reading now!


Ramadan Kariim ( ramadan apps, food, faith , blessed month)

RAMADAN KARIIM – The blessed month is finally here again …. So today its day #2 of Ramadan everything feels good here at home…

But the only hard thing is that we people living here in North of Europe (Sweden) we fast for very long time , because the sun never goes down around here during the summer..

A day is made of 24 hours and we  fast for 19 hours of the day … which means no water or food for 19 hours …… We dont only fast / stay away from food and water ,  we stay away from all bad deeds and focus on being better humans and muslims 😀  …. And in the night people go to the mosque and pray Taraweeh which is a longer prayer each night of Ramadan

There is this really good  aRamadan – App I’ve downloaded … Its very good .. The app is called RAMADAN… go and get it in Appstore and Android .. It tells you what time the prayers are, how many hours left until you break the fast, islamic hadiths and supplicantions (dua’aa) … VERY GOOD ONE 😀 .

By the way I love the somali food during this month at home ….. Only time of the year we make sambusa in our home .lol seriously 😀

I think I will end this here for now

Also make sure to pray for people around the world who are poor and dont have food , a place to sleep and are suffering

God bless you all