Miss A – Loves henna tattoos :)

This is a picture of me almost two years ago when I was traveling in africa …. I went to a lady who had her own beauty salon in her apartment . only for 2 dollars she painted my both hands (also inside the palms which is not show on the pic) … I saw some lil girls with painted hands …then I made up my mind do also get mine done !!  …. Its beautiful when going to a party,wedding or just for special moments in life 😀

The one Ive got done was black henna … perfect for us dark skinned people …. Black henna  is not like the *natrual henne* …To produce black color henna  the lady add some chemicals and its not good for the skin… And it didnt smell so good at first :p ..But hey it was worth it lol ….

I shall add some lovely henna picture I find on the web …both the natrual brown/reddish henna  and some black henna !!    One day I learn how the made some good looking prints ..then maybe start my own henna beauty salon .lool 😀

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