Malcolm X – The Last message !

Wow and this speech was made in early 1965 in America …. I didnt know that he travel to Africa and Europe and all that . What an inspiration he was … Too bad the **evil forces** killed him by gun shot also in the year of 1965 … Rest in Peace .. Allah Yerhama … He died way too young … but it was meant  to be !

I have always admired Malcolm X in the first year of high school (första ring) I had a speech about him ….And also during our english classes in high school we had this cool brittish (white)  teacher who made us read his book The Autobiography of Malcolm X ..

That book made me realize how big of a role  race / racism had  (still has?) in the USA !!   So horrible I remember  that in the book it said his own teacher told him to be *realistic* and that no *negro* could become a lawyer …. siick O_o  !!  They should see Obama today .lol ….. I have to read the book again was really good .. I forgot most of it .

                 ♥  ♥



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