sunday glee nerd time

best song of episode was this one according to me 🙂

and I really hope Quinn doesnt die


Next episode wont be until April :/


Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey


This is talent ……………….. eat your hearts out fake rappers kanye and jay-z 😀


Mos Def converted to Islam at the age of 19 … His father is a muslim and member of the Nation Of Islam

I love when rappers / singers make music about the world problems .. rather then what cloths they wear and what car they drive …

never give up

Ive been struggling against this virus in body now for over a week ..and Im still kind of weak since I have not been able to eat …… You dont know what you have until its gone they say ….and its true ….. I didnt know such a good health I had before I got sick … Alhamdulilah the fever is over  !!!!! Only annoying is this caughing .. ugghhh!! Hopefully it will leave me to .. I have to get back on track on monday– Ive called in sick three days last week …not good .. especially when you are new .lol

I was planning on going to an old school friend’s engagement party tonight … but I still and feel well …..

Today I have entertainted myself by watching Glee episode Ive missed !! Such great covers they been doing on great love songs  these lates episodes !!

Tomorrow inshallah I will try get some fresh air and become useful again .lol

May God help all sick and suffering people ….. life is just not fair to everybody 😩