Lazy little me !!

 Me.. a lovely summer day …. 2 years ago !!! Just enjoying the warm sun 😀

Eh …. Like you have noticed …Ive taken a break from this blog-thingy !

Life is rolling on like it will never end .lol ………….. I still ask my self ..what I am still doing in this country …and then I remember its because Im still *poor* and my home country is still a mess .. I dont see development coming fast enough for Somalia!! I should have studied something else then nurse ..because the pay is really shitty (for studying 3 years in the university) hehe .. Naah Im kidding … I LOVE BEIGN A NURSE !!!

Im thinking about going to Norway to work alittle … Only thing is ..I dont understand their  language ..lool … Its like swedish but alittle bit upbeat .. Im not in the mood of learning another language ..Im too old for that !!

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