Dalkeyga waan jeclahay !!

Saado Cali Warsame is the queen of somali music in my point of view  !!!

This is an old classic song ( dalkeyga waan jeclahay = i love my country) in a new upbeat modern verison .  😀

Saado Ali is also involved in helping suffering somali people !!  She is politcally active aswell as a great timeless singer .. In her many performance she wears the Ogaden flag .. which a somali region that is occupied by ethiopia, to show support to the people …..  This some pictures when she went to the refugee camp Daadaab .. which is the biggest refugee camp in the world .. The place also got attention during the drought that took place (is still going on) in somalia and other places in the Horn of Africa ….. This lady is like 60 years old or something and she looks like a 30 years old 😀 good genes right there .lol

she is an inspiration to me!!! If only more somali celebrities and so called politicans care about their people like her … maybe there would have been peace long time ago !

God Bless You Saado Cali …and your timeless beautiful voice

I will end this post with her live performance  …. Great song

Viva Somalia

She is great singing live ……… Maybe 2012 be the year of peace for Somalia .. so that all the refugee camps close …..and hopefully everybody can return .. Inshallah …. lets pray for that !!!

Im going back to visit Africa this year inshallah … I just have to make money for the tickets and all .lol


Eh I will stop here with this post ….


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