Fresh start — Hello 2012

In the morning I opened  my window and I saw THE SNOW FALLING DOWN IN ITS MASSES .. YEEY .. I WAS SO HAPPY 😀  It was sign that this will be a great years .lol

Today I started the first day of the new year by cleaning my room and cleaning me self 😀  …. Im sitting here with candles burning .. one in a *ljuslykta* (I dont remeber the word in english now)  and the other one is  scented candle thats has the smell of vanilla … hmmmmm…..  so lovely .. Alhamdulilah I feel good inside  ,,,,,,, I will beat my inner demons this year .lol


So yesterday I made apple pie for the family and some drinks  just to make it special on the new years eve … and my mom was like what are U doing we dont celebrate this new years ….. our new years have already been . hehe .. she is so adorable .. But hey why not celebrate  … we are follow this CALENDAR … rigghttt ???   Anyhow they enjoyed my baking sucess and ate it with joy 😀

There are some fireworks picture outsid my window ….. Thats the part I love the most about the new years eve … THE FIREWORKS ….. so beautiful 😀 …. Its the best western tradition . lol


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