Tears Of Gaza !!

1 hour and 20 minutes long – the full documentary !!

Very heartbreaking! I remember when the bombardment of Gaza started ..it was december 2008 .. I had just moved back home to my mom after studying in another city  !! I woke up one morning and hearing my mom crying, she just turned on Al-Jazeera (arabic news channel) so I went to the living room and saw the awful images of dead people lying on the ground !! Many burnt and shattered bodies ! Total destruction of a whole community! Made me sick to my stomach …and wondering whats wrong with the world .. why arent UN help these innocent people ?? Well there isnt any justice in the world right now .. maybe there will justice in the future when humans learn how to respect one and other !!

Watch the whole film !! And remember the people of Gaza ♥  and not only them but also think of all the suffering chilren out there who are exposed to war !!


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