September 11th – 2001

most of us remembers that day   .. I was 13 years old and just started 7th grade (swedish school system) in a new school …During the day in school we didnt hear so about ,,,  when i came home I went to the living room where mom and the rest of the fam was watching the TV and the events in LIVE … At first it didnt even seem to be real  ..I though it was one of those hollywood movies…..  The day after we talked about it in school ,, beign 13 old *kids* the discussion at school was not that *deep* ..many of us taught it was sad … even thou i was the only one wearing headscarf i didnt encounter with difficulties or anything .. But U could feel the tension in the air .. the years went by ,,air port checkings became more difficult .. new terror laws come in use … with muslim name it became harder to travel or even send money to your family members in other part of the world ..

then the two wars in iraq & afghanistan ….!!!!!!!!

that day in september 2001 changed the world and it change also my world  !!

Rest in peace all those who lost their lifes on 9/11 and those who lost their lifes in the wars that followed

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