~ Worries End When Faith Begins ~

Today after my research work at the Uni  i went down town and since non of my friends were avaible around that time , i went to eat alone at burger king ..But sometimes i like to be just alone and sit there and think by myself about life …. while eating a burger LOL

I also did some shopping at H&M they had sale on different jeans …so i bought a pair of skinny jeans … i first ones actually ..I always used to hate them ..but now i seen they look good.


And ofcourse i will not only wear the jeans by them selfs like that, no  i have to buy a nice warm long shirt or poncho to combine them … Like the girl on the pic below ..

black skinny jeans Levis jeans - dark brown faux fur thrifted vintage hat - nude


eh its midnight and i have to go to sleep ….byeee


“There is no force of hate. Hate is simply the absence of love, just as darkness is the absence of light. Poverty is the absence of abundance, sickness is the absence of health, and sadness is the absence of joy. All negativity is simply the absence of something positive.

This is very, very good to know.”