Tragic summer !

Well there have not been any goods news this summer…  In Norway 22nd July the massacre of many youth in Utöya and along side the bombing of central Oslo. It was very shocking that something so horrible can occure in safe norway or should i say scandinavia.. And so close to ME =/.. It shows that we are not safe anywhere from the evils of sick people .

Then there still is the fact that a horrible drought is going on in my home country Somalia. These areas which have been hit be the drough the worst, are known to be risk zones .. back in the time when somalia had a goverment, the goverment used to re-settle the people into better areas. This have been going on for along time now .. We have relatives in west somalia, and they have told us that it has not rained for over 4 years,, but they have managed to survive this horrible drought thanks to water holes and etc, but who knows if it counties maybe they have to leave their homes .. I hope not !!

Around the word the people are now collecting money for Somalia which have been hit by the worst drought in 60 years … Here in Sweden people are generous .. and throu Aftonbladet ( the biggest journal /tabloid) have incouraged people to send in *one hour salary* and they have now raised millions…

I personally i have donated some money to UNICEF-Sweden … cuz i know the good job they are doing over there …. In the local mosque the zakat al-fitr will go to somalia ………. God bless humanity I say …. i love when people are helping each other

Wishing I could do more .. Wishing that i could be there in person !!


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