Autumn / Winter 2011

 New oppertunities, meeting new people, working, the warm  winter cloths fashion, boots, sitting at cafées.. Love it, not to mention other important things im looking forward to 🙂



Start of something new !


Hi there !! Long time ago i blogged here ….!  Well what can I say its summerbreak and Im just enjoying life!! Excatly one week ago it was my birthday .. tweenty-three years on earth and Im healthy and staying strong ALHAMDULILAH 🙂  ..

Otherwise Im just working alittle now …. trying to save money .. but that is impossible because my the coast of living is more then my income .loolz  .. I had plans travling this summer but its nothing going to happen … I have to wait untill the autumn or next year january…

Right now Im sitting at the public libarary ,, having a drink and doing some reading .. I like sitting with my self as company ..only then you have time to sit back and reflect!!! Seeing the effect of the drought in somalia has made me even more determined to work as a humaniatrian and with my education is perfect cuz I know my skillz are needed!!

Anyhow I will stop right here

will start bloggin again when i find the inspiration