The last clinical practice . yey

May 2011 is here 😀 and this motnh i have pushed my self to the limits .. my list of things to do is FULL . Inshallah i will fullfill all those things..

Last week my clinical practice as a T6 (last semester) started .. the last one on the whole education cant belive it ..  So this time Im at the cadiology section/department of the hospital .. and my gosh the nurses over there work hard . hehe 😀 i kind of love it .. but it isnt a place where i would want to work.. To stressfull ….,I have become better at  reading electrocardiopraphy , thats for sure .lol Other things is that i’ve learned all the drugs for heart diseases, that the doctors want to give the different patientens daily..! Also become much better at the new documentation system on the computers. lolz

But I have done and seen some every educational things also .. like converting a patientens heart with electricity. Last week I also went on a pacemaker surgery .. the surgeon , the anesthetic nurse, the surgery nurse and me in the operating room 😀 they were all so nice .. and explained all the things during all the steps .. really cool actually 😀 . that they but in the pacemaker throu such a small cut throu the skin .

Anyhow time fly by so fast .. and soon at the end of this month its all over with the clinical practice .. Gonna miss it .. but then again im longing for summer now 😀

lol i was not allowed to wear my hijab or anything else personal during the pacemaker input .. but it was okay .. their sugery head-wear were kind of like a hijab anywayz


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