I want to make a tattoo .. ofcourse in henna =) hehe nothing that will be on the body forever.. I think small tattos are beautiful


Last Minute Studying – Drug calculation

As usual me doing last minute studying .lool .. But hey i had no time studying for this test in the week , because i was too busy with other school projects . Anyhow  i went to the university early today, to sit and calculate in peace and quiet at the library … In the education we have the drug calculation exam twice .. one at the third semester and one at semester six the last semester of the education. This one was a bit harder the first one I have to say… But its fun once you understand and get the hang out it 😀 Sometimes I have to say that I  love maths . Inorder to pass the test , it was to be 100 % correct!!  not one wrong can be made .. so thats whats makes it hard ….

Well the picture tells it all .I just hope i got all the answers right and passed the exam!! it would feel like a relief 

Now im going to enjoy my delicious pasta dish , before its time to clean my messy room .. urghhh 😦


The week is over. I passed my clinical practice at the hospital & got my well deserved grade , MY LAST CLINICAL EDUCATION ever . haha next time when I’m wearing the scrubs it will be as a registered nurse ♥  . 


😀 Thank U God !! but i still got assignments left . hehe

Enjoying Chris Brown with his feel good song YEAH .. Im feeling like saying YEAAAAH now,, i made it far , but i have a looong way to go still !!


Bye for now

Good start on a day

Woke up early to send it the small essay which was deadline at 8.00 this morning  – Check !! Had a walk around the neighbourhood ..bought some food at the store .. for the night and some deliciousness .. like chocolate cookies 🙂

Nothing better than milk and chocolate cookies .. hehe

Okey now I have to get ready for the night shift at the hospital !