29th April 2011

Obviously nobody has missed out on the brittish royal wedding .lol 😀

But I didnt watch it live thou because  then I was at school writting the last bits of the written essay exam so that i could turn it on the dead line wich was 2 o’clock .. But I did see som quick re-runs on BBC news … it looked really nice … My advice to all single ladies out there is to never give hope and one day you might find your own prince 😀 lool Carry your self like a princess then you will attract your self a prince .

Then it was off to BB area for some barbeque with the girls … It was really nice to just enjoy each others company and enjoy the food ofcourse… Grilled corn , veggies on sticks, hot dogs , hamburgers … marshmallows & ice cream !! Best way to end april together .. Then in May we are all out on clinical education!!  I couldnt have asked for better classmates/friendz.. im lucky .hihih :p


2 Replies to “29th April 2011”

  1. We’re lucky to have you, darling!

    Those grilled corns in the pics looks more dashing than the ones we ate, but there were truly good!!!

    Thank you for incourage us to wait on the prince. Just let us know when you’ve find yours:)

    Lot’s of love on this “the day after the really lovely day”. Wish you a more splendid day today. LOL. Now I’m soon off to work..


  2. hahha det diskuteras även här i rumänien oxå over and over again lol =p …..när de gifte sig då satt jag där o gjorde mitt underbara anatomi prov lol =p

    But yes indeed, It is really nice, and she find her prince, well “prince” hahah =p

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