When friends meet again

The picture above is from today when me & sarin went to rana aka froggy house ,,, we had a little mini reunion .. talking about things that happend and passed by !! Well we mostly talked about miss R wedding extravangza 😀 it was really beautiful and well made wedding i have to admit, Still cant belive she is married and has her own home far away  . Anyhow we were missing on part of the puzzle .. and that was miss Nemoo 😦

Its funny how time flies by … its been 4 years ago since we graduated from school , then we all kind of went our own paths in life after that..

Reunions & Good Bye’s  . Thats basically what we do alot .. someone is always goin somewhere .. and then its time for a reunion when all get back … We had some good bye moments ,  2007 ranas move to england , 2008 my own moving to another city . 2009 sarinas move to holland , 2010 nemas move to romania .. Lolz whats next ?? Only Allah knows .. but hopefully we will forever be friends no matter what time and age Inshallah  😀


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