29th April 2011

Obviously nobody has missed out on the brittish royal wedding .lol 😀

But I didnt watch it live thou because  then I was at school writting the last bits of the written essay exam so that i could turn it on the dead line wich was 2 o’clock .. But I did see som quick re-runs on BBC news … it looked really nice … My advice to all single ladies out there is to never give hope and one day you might find your own prince 😀 lool Carry your self like a princess then you will attract your self a prince .

Then it was off to BB area for some barbeque with the girls … It was really nice to just enjoy each others company and enjoy the food ofcourse… Grilled corn , veggies on sticks, hot dogs , hamburgers … marshmallows & ice cream !! Best way to end april together .. Then in May we are all out on clinical education!!  I couldnt have asked for better classmates/friendz.. im lucky .hihih :p



this annoying essay / home written exams are not going good at all 😦

Taking the step?- Becoming Volunteer

As I have written before that I want to work with the feld of helping refugees .. Many times i have checked out UNHCR website reading throu all the recuitment files.. the more i read i want to apply .. But i will wait for a little while ..not this summer i wont go . but maybe inshallah in the late months of this year !! The only problem is that my mother is worried that i will get hurt! lol hehe

I know a girl who graduated from nursing last year at my Uni who went to Darfur in Sudan ..And it made me even more interested !!!

Follow your heart they say !! so that is what I will do … but when i dont know .. hopfully this year or the in the 2012

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my dream job ,, working in war zones / refugee camps  !!

Be aware that many UN Volunteers work in remote, isolated duty stations where basic comforts are limited. There may be no electricity or running water, there may be no recreation facilities to speak of and work may continue seven days a week.


That was some of the information on the website … Belive me I can handle that 🙂  I have *vacationed* in such places .lol

I have to think about it , then plan when I am ready to go 😀

Graduation Times

Time is running fast and its soon time for yet another graduation in my life .lolz But its always the same feelings .. The sad feeling that you have to say good bye to a bunch of lovely class mates and also the worrying about the future  😦

The nice things are ofcourse the graduations dinners and all that lovely stuff  🙂 … I’ve gotten to know a bunch of lovely girls with different backgrounds and from  religions & different countries  .. swedish , eritrean , afghan, kurdi  & burundian !! muslims and christians !! we had all kinds of dicussions during the years and I am truely going to miss that. hehe

Anyhow we still got an more then one month together left !! With lot of fun activites  !! .. Also after most of them move away from this city .. we will DEFINITELY keep in touch 😀

Picture from High School / Upper Secondary School . Graduation 2007

Running !!

So on friday .. me & the nurse gang from school decided upon to join the running contest called Vårruset .. from women only .. lolz at frist i was only joking with them that I will join .. but now i have made a promise 🙂 if you see a hijaabi girl running in central Ö-town .. make sure to say hello .looooooooooooool.. also it coast money to be in race .. who knew ? haha i have watch this running race so many times .. now im joing the train

When friends meet again

The picture above is from today when me & sarin went to rana aka froggy house ,,, we had a little mini reunion .. talking about things that happend and passed by !! Well we mostly talked about miss R wedding extravangza 😀 it was really beautiful and well made wedding i have to admit, Still cant belive she is married and has her own home far away  . Anyhow we were missing on part of the puzzle .. and that was miss Nemoo 😦

Its funny how time flies by … its been 4 years ago since we graduated from school , then we all kind of went our own paths in life after that..

Reunions & Good Bye’s  . Thats basically what we do alot .. someone is always goin somewhere .. and then its time for a reunion when all get back … We had some good bye moments ,  2007 ranas move to england , 2008 my own moving to another city . 2009 sarinas move to holland , 2010 nemas move to romania .. Lolz whats next ?? Only Allah knows .. but hopefully we will forever be friends no matter what time and age Inshallah  😀

Hasbi Rabbi Allah o Allah

I love this song for many reasons, because its reminds me of God’s  greatness , but also for the memeory from when i used to listen to it back in high school 🙂

Oh Allah The Almighty, Protect Me And Guide Me … To Your love and mercy ♥