I always love people who find the hope and curage to go in life even thou they have gone through so much pain .. Thats why I want to work with refugees my self one day =)


2011. last day of january

Well todays its the last day of the first month of 2011 … just like this month went by so fast .. the rest of 2011 will follow like this .lol

However im still going after old things that i should have accomplished long time ago .. Laakiin inshallah it looks like I might get it really soon .. I know what I am talking about … Im off  to self studying at the library

Last night  they showed  Blood Diamond on Tv3 . it was good to watch it again .. i wacthed it when it first came on 2007 i think , if i remember right .lol Leonardo looks good as always and the other actors were really good !!

Its  sad to see all the craziness and unjust going on Africa