same old same old

life is the same old for me

im looking forward for a little change .lol


so its soon time

For school to start

i actually look forward for it =)  Having said that . i  had a lovely summer .. with both a vacation outside the country and working 4 weeks. i got a lil cash also .lool

Well i just wanted to do a little writting here . bye for now


Life if what you make it !

sahal weeye !

well then i make life hard on my self .lol

i have to start studying soon also for exams

btw work is killing me 😦

but i have such great co-workers . today they bought me chocolate crossaints . because they remembered i used to eat them last summer when I work there . hehe . How adorable

the books are waiting for me this summer  =/  . I have one work week left at work .. Then Ramadan starts .. ooh goosh there are so much to think off !!   System overload .lol :@

ear rings

i went down town to run some business .lol

I also went into the stores to look for cloths infor the autum .. But i didnt come home with clothings .lol

just bought some nice ear rings 🙂 . haha